Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I start looking for images?

A. At the top of the screen is a white search bar. Enter search terms by keyword and refine the search. You can start with a general search such as "tree" (without the quotation marks) and then add in terms like "forest" "Colorado" "aspen" until you find what you need. Alternately you can remove these terms by looking at the top of the search results and removing the term by clicking the x next to the term. You can also search by keyword from the individual keywords that are viewable under your found image by clicking on them. So clicking on the word "aspen" will produce the same results as if you typed "aspen" in the search bar.

Q. How can I dig deeper into my search to find images that are specific to my needs quickly?

A. The Panoramic Images (PI) website is organized to show you all the options you have. You have the ability to refine the image search using the filters on the left side of the search screen. These filters allow you to select by Collection, License Type, Orientation, Format, Size and Color.

Q. How can I see a detailed view of an image?

A. All our images have a zoom preview which you find once you have clicked on the smaller file. Click into the image and the zoom will start. Click out of the image and you will be back in the search.

Q. How can I find out the biggest image sizes available?

A.You can start by filtering by size on the left panel which allows you to specify by MP (mega pixel) as well as MB (megabyte). For an individual image, the image detail File Size will give you the file sizes and dimensions currently available for download from the web site. In addition the Biggest File Available listing gives you the size for the largest file available in our database. For these largest files and any questions specific to your project about file size please contact our customer service by phone or by email and we can answer your questions.


Q. Why do I need to register on the site?

A. You can search and browse the site without registering. However if you want to download an unwatermarked image file to share then you need to register. You also need to register to use the gallery feature for creating and sharing collections as well as purchasing images.


Q. How can I download images to share with my team?

A. Our images are protected from screen capture or right click download. To download a small comp file you need to open the detail view and underneath the preview image you will see a download icon to download a watermarked comp image. If you are logged in the download will be unwatermarked and easy to drop into a layout for your team.

Q. How can I create and share sets of images?

A.Once you are logged in, navigate to an image you would like to start a set of. Underneath the image you will see an icon of three squares and a plus sign. Click on this and look to the bottom of the screen below for the gallery pane. Click on the gallery pane to expand. From the gallery pane or gallery page at the top, there are a number of options for Create, Name, Share, Download or to Email a group of images. Once in the gallery page you can click and drag to change the ordering of the images.

pricing and purchase

Q. Where can I see pricing for an image?

A. Below each image are different pricing options. We sell both RM (Rights Managed) and RF (Royalty Free) images for the same uses. In general the larger the license cost, the larger the file you will receive. We are happy to work with you for special bulk, wholesale, or subscription pricing to meet your needs. Call or email our customer support for details.

Q. What if I can not find pricing for my usage?

A.We are used to working on custom pricing for uses such as commercial wall covering and décor. Please call or email us and we are happy to discuss your project.

Q. How can I purchase an image for download?

A.Log in and find the image you are interested in purchasing for a license. Find the right license type and add it to the cart and check out using a credit card. If you would rather issue a Purchase Order we can assist you with h. If you run into any problems or have questions before, during, or after purchase we are here to help. Please email or call us and we will work with you to resolve any issues.